Free motion and deformation analysis tool

Note: multiDAC is only compatible with 32bit Windows (at the moment)

07.10.2009 What's coming:
While version 0.1.9 included a set of new features, 0.2 will finish this list with a useful export plugin. We are looking forward to release 0.2 as the first stable beta and 0.2.1 as the first final version.
So long...

07.10.2009 Version 0.1.9 released
Update to version 0.1.9 has been released. Main changes include automatic motion and point-of-interrest detection and bugfixes. See below for a more complete list.

New features - several modes to select start points and track points during processing
- including: manual selection, automatic selection using motion or corner detection, always tracking start points or use target points as new input data
- cursor position is displayed in splitscreen mode
- added a sidebar button for accessing processing settings faster
- user can set if vectors should be rendered in second frame
- user can deselect components in installation routine
Bugfixes - fixed a bug which caused the program to crash if no configuration file was found
- unnecessary rendering is avoided
- renderer reset is done correctly after loading plugins or media

02.10.2009 Version 0.1.8 released
Update to version 0.1.8 has been released, including and set of new features as well as bugfixes and stability updates.

New features - switched to Cuda version 2.3
- Inno Setup is used for building the installer
- The Standard Video Loader should support more filetypes
- added a splitscreen mode for viewing the next frame
- frames can now be zoomed
- you can play through all loaded frames
- remaining time is shown during processing
- export plugins can now add views (graphics) to the main program
- information about loaded frame are displayed
Bugfixes - Frames trackbar is easier to use (positioner doesn't slip outside borders anymore)
- fixed a bug which caused markers to be rendered incorrectly
- fixed a bug that caused gpu processing to 'forget' about vectors
- processing plugin shouldn't create an error on 64bit machines, however, gpu processing on 64bit machines is disabled
- assemblies passed along with plugins can now be placed inside the pluginfolder

26.09.2009 Bug reports
Feel free to report any bugs and feature requests at our new bug tracking page.

22.09.2009 Version 0.1.7 released
Update to version 0.1.7 features import of video files via DirectShow. Additionally, it is now possible to cancel processings and add note markers. Many bugfixed are included, too.

20.08.2009 Version 0.1.6 released
Version 0.1.6 features compressed project archives which can store project files and source files in a single zip archive. A new about dialog and many bugfixes are included, too.

11.08.2009 Version 0.1.5 released
Version 0.1.5 has been released. It includes bugfixes, a new custom trackbar and many new features. See commit log for more.

31.07.2009 Alpha state
multiDAC has now reached alpha state (version 0.1.4) and is available for download at There is an installer for Windows but a version for Linux may follow in a while.

svn repository:


am1toasm is a free translator for AM1 sourcecode to native x86 assembler code.
It translates for Windows and Linux 32bit systems.
Usage: am1toasmC infile outfile [-i] [-elf/-win32]
-i: include source code, -elf: target is 32bit Linux system, -win32: target is 32bit Windows system
compile .asm file with:
nasm -f elf/win32 outfile
gcc outfile.o/.obj

16.07.2009: Fixed an error concerning MUL operations and added some additional syntax checking.